Homeless Initiatives: Museum Park Super Neighborhood & City of Houston

January 02, 2017 4:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Museum Park Super Neighborhood (along with MPNA as a stakeholder) has interacted with the City of Houston and other agencies to address the issue of homelessness.  Below is a summary of MPSN meeting interactions with city representatives as well as a highlight of city initiatives during the previous six months.

MPSN, June 8 – Topic of homelessness and associated issues were discussed at the meeting.

MPSN, July 13  - Mayor’s Office of Homeless Initiatives, City of Houston representatives, HPD, METRO, TXDoT, and others working on these issues attended the MPSN meeting, listened to concerns, updated the Council, and described the initial strategy.

MPSN, August 10 – Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives and other CoH representatives attended MPSN meeting, listened to concerns, and updated Council on strategy, clean- up efforts, collaboration between TXDoT, City Of Houston, etc.

MPSN, September 14 - Council continued discussion of ways to address homeless encampment under US59 listening to business owner report the impact of the issue on small businesses along Main Street.

October – No meeting.

MPSN, November 9 - Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives and other CoH representatives working on these issues attended meeting, listened to concerns and updated Council on December approach.

Early December – Mayor’s team visited San Antonio to understand the approach to homeless issues used at the Haven for Hope. 

December 8 - Mayor’s Office held organizational meeting led by the Mayor's Office for Homeless Initiatives, in conjunction with CM Boykins and over 40 professionals from 11 different support agencies, HPD, METRO, etc.

December 12 - an integrated outreach to the homeless population in the vicinity of San Jacinto and Wheeler Avenue areas was conducted to gather data and assess needs of those living there, to determine what they need to get into housing and stay.  Mental health and substance abuse, primary health, housing, employment, an array of services and resources are being delivered as part of a strategic six-week outreach plan to assess and help individuals get off the streets, while reducing litter and improving the quality of life for all Houstonians. 

These data are currently being assessed and used to update the strategy to address the issues surrounding homelessness, using data-driven and deliberately crafted long-term, sustainable solutions rather than moving the problem around, something which happens with fencing, etc.

December 20 - Mayor's Homeless team including governmental and non-profit providers and social services discussed data collected during December 12 outreach effort and associated metrics to design next steps.  Strategy update reflecting resulting analysis and defining ongoing and future steps will be publicized by the Mayor's Office later in January.


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